Open Air Sketching, Waupaca WI

daneDanes Home sketchersssm

Join us if you are in the east central Wisconsin area on second Saturdays for some open air sketching.  We meet at the north end of Main St. Waupaca, WI at 9:30 AM, then disperse somewhere close by, regrouping at 11:30

Bring your own sketching or painting tools, and probably a stool or folding chair. Enjoy an hour or two of sketching, then get together with the others to offer encouragement and enjoy the morning’s output. No pressure, no competition, no sign-up, just come and sketch.

You don’t need any more information than that, but if you do have a question, drop an email to me, Peg, at

If you have a Wisconsin Sketching group in your home area, drop us a note and let us know what you are doing.


Tuba Christmas ink sketch with blot

I carry sketchbooks where ever I go.  Last night was the annual Stevens Point Tuba Christmas at the university.   With time to spare before the concert,  I wanted to capture something of the feel of the event in my 4″ x 6″ $1.50  cold press non-100%-cotton pad.  (Not to disparage those who only use better quality, but I  am sketching for myself, in the moment).   To add insult to the paper quality I chose,  I had also attempted to press a flower, unsuccessfully on this page and had a blot….  wait!.. that looked just like (or kinda like) the bell of a tuba!    Voila!  That blot provided me a starting point in the chaos that was on the stage.    Merry Christmas, everyone!

River Reflections


It’s still delightfully colorful outside despite the bare branches.    I find quick sketches to be very satisfying.  This one was quicker than I intended because the bench I was using rotted through and sent me grabbing watercolors and pad.   Sometimes I need just that to know when to quit.