Purple asters in watercolor


Asters mark the very end of the wild flower season in Wisconsin…   And the deep purple ones are a treasure.    I ended up pressing the flowers that I sketched and added them to my sketch book page.    Thank you  to the commercial establishments that plant prairie flowers in their landscaping.  These were in Appleton.


Symco Spring Tractor pull

With antique tractors coming and going, it was a challenge to get some quick sketches done during the June tractor pull.   If you are in the Appleton/ Green Bay area, you might enjoy this Father’s Day free open house at the Symco, Wisconsin, Union Thresherman’s Club grounds.  Plenty of old original buildings and equipment for sketching.    See http://www.symcoutc.com/  for the Shakedown or Thresheree dates later this summer.DSC09823Symco 2016 spring tractor pullsm

Winter fields in Wisconsin

scan162016JAN bear lake and baldwinsm

The third weekend in January is a Golden Eagle count for the folks at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN.   We have a few goldens in east central Wisconsin, but I saw none on the official day.   However it’s a great time to sketch…  hours of just looking and soaking in the simple beauty.   Occasional sun kept it plenty warm enough to sketch without gloves.